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By Robert Jackson Bennett

ISBN-13: 978-0-316-21451-3

Some locations are too sturdy to be true.
Under a crimson moon, there's a excellent little city no longer came upon on any map.
In that city, there are quiet streets coated with lovely homes, homes that disguise the strangest things.
After a pair years of demanding touring, ex-cop Mona vivid inherits her long-dead mother's domestic in Wink, New Mexico. And the nearer Mona will get to her mother's prior, the extra she is familiar with that the folk of Wink are very, very diversified ...
From one in every of our so much gifted and unique new literary voices comes the subsequent nice American supernatural novel: a piece that explores the darkish dimensions of the hometowns and the buddies we notion we knew.

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My name’s Vincent,” came the deeper voice from behind her. “If maybe you need a friend, dearie, a little help—” Carrie caught her breath at the sound of an answering fumble in the darkness on the other side of the barrier—and was mightily relieved a moment later when her brother opened the door from inside. In a moment she was in, and had closed and latched the door behind her. She could picture the pair who had been heckling her from the pavement, balked for the moment, turning away. It was so dark in the house that she could barely see Christopher’s pale face at an arm’s-length distance, but at least they were no longer standing in the rain.

Although, he amended as he waited for a break in the evening traffic that would allow him to cross Piccadilly, a little less whirl and rush would be preferable. He could see the house he’d purchased across the street, but it might as well have been across the city for all he could reach it. Yes, he’d wanted to move about unnoticed but this, this was wearing at his patience. And he had never been considered a patient man. Even as a man. Finally, he’d been delayed for as long as he was willing to endure.

Tightening her grip on the hand of nine-year-old Christopher as he stumbled in exhaustion, she struggled on through the London fog, wet air greasy with burning coal and wood. Around the children were a million strangers, all in a hurry amid an endless roar of traffic. ” Her little brother sounded desperate, and no doubt he was. Last night they had had almost no sleep at all, huddled against the abutment of a railway bridge; hut fortunately it had not been raining then as it was now. There had been only one episode of real adventure during the night, when Chris, on going a little way apart to answer a call of nature, had been set on and robbed of his shoes by several playful fellows not much bigger than he.

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