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Table of Contents Meet the teamBy the Same AuthorTitle PageCopyright PageALPHA FORCEPROLOGUE THE DEALChapter 1 TEAM ALPHA FORCEChapter 2 KILLERSChapter 3 RESCUEChapter 4 TO THE BITTER ENDChapter 5 BIG GAMEChapter 6 TEAK LODGEChapter 7 LIONSChapter 8 INTRUDERSChapter 9 FEARChapter 10 MOYAChapter 11 RANGERSChapter 12 AMBUSHChapter 13 TROPHY HUNTERSChapter 14 LAW OF THE JUNGLEChapter 15 THUNDERBIRDChapter 16 TRAGEDYChapter 17 A RICH STRANGERChapter 18 SENGAChapter 19 RECONNAISSANCEChapter 20 BORROWED TIMEChapter 21 TRUSTChapter 22 THE TESTChapter 23 UNDER COVERChapter 24 SILENT SPIESChapter 25 OUT OF CONTROLChapter 26 A GOOD NIGHTChapter 27 A NEW BEGINNINGEpilogueCHRIS RYAN'S TOP SAS TIPS ON DEALING WITH WILD ANIMALSAbout the AuthorAlpha Force adventures SURVIVALDESERT PURSUITHOSTAGERED CENTRE Meet the team: Alex - A quiet lad from Northumbria, Alex leads the team in survival skills.

The harness took her weight. It was the fastest abseil Alex had ever seen. Li hurried down the cliff face as though the hounds of hell were after her. What had happened to the poised, confident climber who had danced down cliff faces in Argentina all day long? She landed at the base of the cliff and stepped out of the harness. The moment she let it go it was whisked back up to the top, brushing a hail of pebbles and sand down the rock face. ' said Paulo. ' Li's face was grim. 'I'm tired, that's all.

Paulo, don't fall asleep,' said Hex. He caught Paulo by the shoulders and shook him urgently. ' Paulo was sitting next to Tessa. His head had nodded onto his chest for a moment. He came to with a jolt. 'Dios,' he muttered to himself. He hadn't realized he was dozing. A shiver turned his spine to ice. A lion could so easily have crept up on them. Hex checked Tessa. 'The tourniquet seems all right. ' Paulo shone his torch around. Chris was slumped in a corner, his head burrowed into the side of the pit like a hibernating creature.

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