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Alpha strength desolate tract Pursuit

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You survival experts. So boring,’ sighed Li, sending Alex a mischievous sideways glance from her uptilted eyes. ‘Do this. Do that. Always planning ahead. ’ ‘If you want to survive—’ began Alex. ‘—you have to be prepared,’ finished Li, crossing her eyes comically. Paulo laughed at Li, then raked his dark curls back from his forehead and assumed a serious expression. ‘The four elements of survival are—’ ‘—shelter, water, food, fire,’ recited Amber, Li, Paulo and Hex in perfect unison. ’ said Alex, trying to look offended.

The soldiers had just reached the observation platform when the mine exploded. They ducked instinctively. One flung himself down on to the platform, then climbed to his feet again a couple of seconds later, grinning shamefacedly. They looked for the cause of the explosion and spotted the three vultures, climbing into the sky in a panic of flapping wings. Satisfied, the soldiers turned away and headed back to the shelter of their jeep, hooking their cigarettes from their shirt pockets as they went.

Vultures. The three huge birds began to spiral lazily downwards as the rest of Alpha Force scrambled to their feet and looked on in horror. The vultures landed on the bodies, holding their wings aloft to protect their share and hissing evilly at one another. Paulo groaned and turned away as one bird thrust its naked head and neck deep into the chest cavity of one of the boys and tore away a chunk of flesh with its heavy, sharply hooked beak. The boy twitched and his arms flopped as though he were trying to get up.

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