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By Suzanne Forster

Contents:Stranger in Her mattress by way of Suzanne Forster -No Mercy by means of Thea Devine -Satisfy Me via Lori Foster -Something Wild by means of Shannon McKenna

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Her questions vanished as she realized he was gone. She looked around the room, bewildered, and saw him returning from the living room, absent the blue aura. He’d turned the TV off, but he was carrying the one remaining candle, and she was finally able to see him. The sinuous flame played its tricks, but she was certain this was the same man she’d seen on her screen. She wondered if the sexy dark curls on his head had been cropped short to tame them. His lashes were equally dark and feathery. His mouth was even moodier and more sensual than she remembered, given its width, the curvature of his upper lip, the tilted corners.

She didn’t want to think about how sexy. A river of muscle, sinew and bone, that’s what she was dealing with. His belly button was the only reasonably soft thing she could see. She could start there, but like the apex of a wheel, it would only lead to things that were hard, no matter which way she went. She drew a little circle, keenly aware of the taut heat beneath her fingers, of the sensitive puckers and tucks, and the bull’s-eye at its center. ” she asked. ” But she had seen the way his muscles sucked in and his shoulders lifted.

Oh, sorry. ” He seemed to be staring at her, and there was a pensive quality to his expression. “Jean? You’re awfully quiet. ” “You sound a little tense. Is it me? ” “I wouldn’t put it exactly that way, but there are times when someone like me… when someone like me… wishes…” Oh, don’t stop now. She was so caught up with the words she couldn’t breathe. But his sea-deep eyes were beautiful. They seemed to be imbued with the ocean’s hypnotic power. Wishes what? html It sounded as if he’d cleared his throat again, and that possibility astounded her.

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