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By Willard A. Palmer

Even though this sequence of books will not exchange a skilled instructor, when you have a hankering to ultimately be capable of play that piano (or keyboard) that is been striking round your place eternally, this sequence will do the trick. you will not finish up taking part in whatever that threatens the placement of the good piano maestros of our day, yet you will decide up chords and a melody and make a tune sound such as you want it to.

This sequence depends upon child steps to educate you a key, or a strategy, or a collection of chords. You play a few easy workouts, then a track or that emphasizes what you've got simply discovered within the routines. every now and then you achieve a degree the place you're ready to tackle a small track booklet. i like to recommend that you simply get the tune books too and play through them whenever you achieve a type of degrees.

If you actually need to benefit to play the piano, ensure you can allot at the least a part hour an afternoon to perform, and an hour is best. At that fee in a truly few weeks time one could galvanize friends and family, and perhaps play the song for making a song carols at a Christmas party. :-) remark | Permalink

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Notice that the first two notes, a melodic 3rd, are played with 2 & 1! Moderate waltz tempo 2 5 1 1 2 4 3 1 1 3 5 1 2 ~ '",' I i 4 ~ I ---~ I - 60 The Flat Sign ~ ,. c' The FLATSIGN . Whena FLAT(~) appearsbefore before a note means a note, it applies to that note tor play the next key the rest of the measure. Circle the notes that are FLAT: to the LEFT:whether black or whlte! ROCK IT AWAY! Moderately 1ast If you're fee I - in' B ~~t 1It)))) blue, if you're ~ ~~F ~ I~F ~ F ~ I~e fee I - in' kind - a we ar - y, G 1 .

I I I: L 65 COCKLES AND MUSSELS Music based on any particular scale is said to be in the KEY of that scale. If there are sharps or flats in the scale, they are shown at the beginning KEY OF C MAJOR Key Signature: no # no , lIG)))),. ~ of the music. This is ca/led the KEY SIGNATURE. " I I 66 The Primary Chords in C Major The three most important chords in any key are those built on the 1st, 4th & 5th notes of the scale. These are cal led the PRIMARY CHORDS of the key. The chords are identified by the Roman numerals I, IV & V (1,4 & 5).

R 35 r -,'" c,jo- .. I i -_. THE CUCKOO , I Ir ".. ~ 14)))) Happily G 07 5 -. I"" I @) I I , - r- L ,. I. I. ~ ,. - I mf t - "' I G I -' --- - --- ~. oW 1 3 5 . ,. ,. I. I. I. : ~ ... ,.. ,;62:. oW " I -- --' I - -/. -" ~: J. 36 The G Major & D7 Chords for Right Hand G MAJOR G 1 G D7 5 5 4 1 1 Practice changing trom the G chord to the D7 chord and back again: 1. 5 plays D in bath chords. 2. 4 plays C in the D7 chord. 3. Only 1 moves out ot G POSITION (down to F#) tor D7. G 07 G ~~~II~~~~~$~~~ ~5 ~ 5':1= 3 4 1 ..

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