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By Raychel Haugrud Reiff

Introduces the existence and writings of authors whose works endlessly replaced the period of time within which they lived, and whose writing remains to be a dynamic a part of the literary panorama.

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And also the effects of such sociological reforms on Pavlovian conditioning of all children from 62 Brave New World birth and before birth, universal peace, security and stability” (Letters, 351). Huxley’s novel, then, is a terrifying look at a world in which science and technology are used by powerful rulers to control the masses, making them into mindless automatons. Set in the future but concerned with the present time, it is filled with comic and satiric elements that make readers laugh even as they witness the dissolution of the human spirit.

He showed his disdain for the space program in Island, in which his ideal people feel no desire to land on the moon but instead have “only the modest ambition to live as fully human beings in harmony with the rest of life on this island” (246). While these advances were taking place, hostilities between Communist and democratic countries continued in the 1960s. The Vietnam War, which began in 1957 as Communists and non-Communists struggled to control South Vietnam, was being fought. In 1961 the world situation was so volatile that President John F.

One of these was hypnotism, which he wrote about in his 1950 book, Themes and Variations. Hypnotism was also a topic in his 1952 biographical work, The Devils of Loudun, the story of supposed demonic possession by nuns and the investigation into this matter by the Inquisition. Besides hypnotism, Huxley, along with Maria and a group of friends who regularly met on Tuesday evenings, looked into “Scientology, animal magnetism, ESP, telekinesis, psychic prediction, séances, and other ‘mumbo jumbo’” (Sawyer, 149).

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