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By Mark Orme, Lissa Lincoln, Christine Margerrison

Within the first decade of a brand new century, this number of bilingual essays examines Camus's carrying on with acceptance for a brand new iteration of readers. In an important respects, the area Camus knew has replaced past all popularity: decolonization, the autumn of the Iron Curtain, a brand new period of globalization and the increase of latest sorts of terrorism have all provoked a reconsideration of Camus's writings. If the Absurd as soon as struck a selected chord, Meursault is as most probably now to be obvious as a colonial determine who expresses the alienation of the settler from the land of his delivery. but this expanding orthodoxy should also take account of the explanations why a brand new group of Algerian readers have embraced Camus. both, as soon as remoted as a result of his anti-Communist stance, Camus has been taken up via disaffected participants of the Left, confident that new varieties of totalitarianism are out of the country on the planet. This quantity, which levels from interpretations of Camus's literary works, his journalism and his political writings, could be of curiosity to all these trying to reconsider Camus's paintings within the gentle of moral and political matters which are of constant relevance at the present time.

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Jacques ne savait pas pour son père, mais pour les autres c’était bien la même chose. (PH, 174) If memory seeks (and often claims) to recover the truth, in the form of fidelity to what has been, to the real that is now past, then its gaps are supplemented by imagination in Le Premier Homme. But what I wish to stress is that it does so, not as recourse to an unreal, something simply invented, but as a representation based on recourse to two forms of collective evidence: overtly to the historical archive and, covertly, to a stock of shared images and commonplaces which, by the 1930s, had 8 La Mémoire, l’histoire, l’oubli, 6.

Donnez toute la terre aux pauvres, à ceux qui n’ont rien et qui sont si pauvres qu’ils n’ont jamais même désiré avoir et posséder’ ” (PH, 320). The land which is supposedly “à personne” could indeed be given back to the indigenous population from which it had been taken, but it could scarcely be “given back” to European immigrants with the same justification – unless, of course, the focus has been shifted from colonial to class so that the guilty colonialist is the European in possession of the land.

Avec ce mégaterrorisme on franchit un nouveau pas dans la rationalisation de la violence : au phénomène déjà existant de la guerre totale pourrait venir s’ajouter le terrorisme total20. Il est enfin un domaine où les considérations de Camus se sont actualisées, celui du rejet de la peine de mort. La condamnation de la peine capitale est une constante dans son œuvre et elle culmine dans Réflexions sur la guillotine. Dans ses excellents articles, Philippe Vanney a pu montrer combien cette vision de Camus s’est peu à peu imposée sur le plan français et européen, et comment elle gagne du 16 Walter Laqueur, Die globale Bedrohung.

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