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Alexander et al reported that the surface pretreatment will affect the mechanical stability of chemically deposited apatite coating [16]. The surface roughness and chemistry influenced apatite coating adhering on Ti substrates. Different cations and anions can be easily incorporated into apatite coatings via the biomimetic process. The study of ion substitution in hydroxyapatite is relevant for a number of reasons including better understanding of natural biomineralization process and increasing the bioactivity of the material as well as delivering ions to promote bone growth in vivo [2].

Kuboyama, M. Teranishi, T. Kato, T. Watanabe, H. Z. LeGeros, and Y. Kawai, Quantitative and qualitative analyses of low-mineral-diet ovariectomised rat femora using microscopic computed tomography. Journal of Hard Tissue Biology, 20(2): 107-14(2011). S. Suzuki, H. Nakada, T. Sakae, Y. Tanimoto, Y. Z. LeGeros, Bone quality of the femoral mid-shaft of ovariectomized rats fed a low-mineral diet. Journal of Hard Tissue Biology, 21(3): 245-56 (2012). H. Rico, N. Gomez-Raso, M. R. Hernandez, C. Seco, E.

22 • Advances in Bioceramics and Porous Ceramics VI Ceramics for Human Health Challenges I. Notingher, G. L. I. Notingher Bisson, O. M. M. L. Hench, Multivariate Analysis of Raman Spectra for in Vitro Non-Invasive Studies of Living Cells, Journal of Molecular Structure, 744, 179-85 (2005). 55 I. L. Hench, Raman Microspectroscopy: A Non-Invasive Tool for Studies of Individual Living Cells in Vitro, Expert Review of Medical Devices, 3(2), 215-234 (2006). 56 I. Notingher, C. Green, C. L. Hench, Discrimination Between Ricin and Sulfur Mustard Toxicity In Vitro Using Raman Spectroscopy, J.

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