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By Margaret Mahy

A set of creative and funny tales bargains with an uncle who loves to speak about his adventures, a trip from Aunt Nasty, the relations witch, a lady who doesn't have a kite to fly on Kite Saturday, and different events

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Bartelmy was fond of sunflowers. She planted them all around her house. They grew so tall, they almost hid the roof. One day, when Mrs. Bartelmy was digging among them, she found the biggest cat she had ever seen sleeping there. It was a yellow cat with a small waist and tufted tail, and Mrs. Bartelmy liked it at once. It had a golden mane around its face that reminded her of sunflowers. It yawned and showed its red mouth and white teeth. 1 Then it 1 smiled at Mrs. Bartelmy. 35 " Mrs. Bartelmy gave The it a big cat lapped the milk.

If we were detectives," Monty said, "we could find out. We could go to the people who lived in this house before us, and ask. " His father suddenly laughed. "What's the phone for, Monty? It might have been invented just for detectives with chicken pox. I'll start! I'll call Mr. Davis. We bought the house from him, and he might be able to tell us something. Monty waited by the phone as his father telephoned. He tried to guess from his father's words what Mr. Davis was saying. It was nothing interesting.

Johnny! Johnny! " gasped Johnny. "He called me. " said Mother. " For Johnny suddenly knew that he did not want a blue Cooney budgie after all. He wanted Nippy, that wicked green Nippy who could call his name. Mother seemed to understand this, for she smiled and then began to laugh a little bit. "Off to school, " she said. "We'll talk about it after school. When Johnny came home that afternoon a voice shouted at him as soon as he came into the room. "Johnny! Johnny! " Nippy was in his usual place, as green and dancing as ever.

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