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By P. N. Elrod

Approximately tortured to demise via a brand new York gangster, Vampire P.I. Jack Fleming gave the punk his simply muffins. yet now the mob bosses wish revenge.

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Yeah, I liked that idea. We slowed somewhat. I took another look out the back. Lots of snowy acreage, twin furrows of tire tracks leading back the way we’d come and . . headlights in the distance. Someone following? Maybe it was Hoyle in his own car, taking it easy to keep from breaking an axle. I’d break his head given the chance. A shift in the gears and the truck’s voice. Slowing even more, then finally coasting to a stop. We were in an open yard by a low metal barn. A single electric light burned bluely against the dark.

Playing tough was getting easier the more I did it, but afterward the reaction would set in, leaving me surly and almost as torn up inside as the people I’d leaned on. Of course, I couldn’t show any of that to Strome. My breaking the gun in two had breached even his expressionless reserve, and I didn’t want to lose what awed respect had been gained. Not that I didn’t already have it in spades. I wanted Gordy on his feet again real soon. Some number of the boys in the gang were like Hoyle, resenting an outsider giving them orders, but they’d behaved themselves out of respect for Gordy.

That was the last glimpse I got before the agony doubled me down. I clutched my head with both hands, biting off a cry. They couldn’t see me like this. God, what was wrong? The pain rose, tripled, tripled again. My head would explode from the pressure if I didn’t— Then peace, sudden as flicking a switch, plunging me into sweet gray nothingness. I’d vanished. Sometimes that happened to me involuntarily when I got too badly hurt to control the reflex. How I’d wished for it when Bristow had been skinning me, but a piece of ice pick buried deep in my back prevented that escape.

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