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By Christopher Krentz

If destiny volumes are of as prime quality as this, these too may be a great addition to the examine of deaf literature.

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And Bonnie Meath-Lang. Deaf Persons in the Arts and Sciences: A Biographical Dictionary. : Greenwood Press, 1995. Padden, Carol, and Tom Humphries. Deaf in America: Voices from a Culture. : Harvard University Press, 1988. Van Cleve, John Vickrey, and Barry A. Crouch. A Place of Their Own: Creating the Deaf Community in America. : Gallaudet University Press, 1989. Van Cleve, John Vickrey, ed. Gallaudet Encyclopedia of Deaf People and Deafness. 3 vols. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1987. A MIGHTY CHANGE PA R T O N E INDIVIDUAL AUTHORS 1 L AU R E N T C L E R C (1785–1869) The most influential deaf person in America during the first half of the nineteenth century was Laurent Clerc.

He was also taught by the school’s director, Abbe´ Roch Ambroise Sicard. Clerc completed his studies in eight years and proved himself brilliant. He became a tutor at the school, and later began teaching the highest class. In 1808, Clerc had the opportunity to go to St. Petersburg, Russia, to help run a new school for deaf students. The proposed director of the school, Jean-Baptiste Jauffret, knew little of deaf people or sign language, so Clerc urged Sicard to let him accompany Jauffret to Russia.

I could not do otherwise. I am afraid, my dear sir, that I have misunderstood some of your questions, & am aware that I have not exactly answered your expectations; but this is so puzzling a subject, that I am glad to dismiss it and to refer you to any other D[eaf] & D[umb] opinions more deeply versed in the sciences of metaphysics and logic than is yours truly. LC Autobiographical Sketch In 1851, Clerc was asked to write a brief account of his life for inclusion in a book honoring Gallaudet, who had recently died.

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