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This Bulging Eye Of the Its E six satellites orbit rings. located between is Some A ring, Mimas travels closest to Saturn. the two faint outermost rings — the G and beyond the Division, the big gap between the Mimas is Mimas may keep scientists suspect that A and B rings, clear one of Saturn's spherical moons, but it is the Cassini of particles. only 243 miles (392 km) in diameter. Thanks to a huge crater that extends across Mimas's face, the looks like a strange, bulging eyeball. This which dominates the moon's cavity, Crater.

This moon's heavily pocked surface shows that many received OU > space rocks have smashed into twelve times LOOK AT SIT more hits its surface. In fact, it has than Saturn's other outer moons. • \ , "1\ x 4 ^ bs= 7 : - \ j ^^^ Herschel Crater stretches across one-third of Mimas's surface. E X ^^™ TENDED FAMILY I Mimas Orbiting only 115,280 miles (185,520 km) from Saturn, has obviously been a prime target for a very long time. Nearby fragments seem to support this theory, Mimas may be Moon in think the history of scientists closely linked to the formation of the rings themselves.

Moving even The farther into the interior, the pressure crush of layer atoms and becomes The upon layer of gas finally destroys the them of strips their electrons. a metallic liquid that can metallic becomes even hydrogen As a result, the conduct an greater. hydrogen hydrogen electrical current. swirls as the planet rotates, creating Saturn's magnetic field. Like Earth and Jupiter, Saturn behaves like a giant bar magnet with north and south Saturn's magnetic field is While poles. simple. strong, the structure of symmetrical on It is all sides of the planet's axis.

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