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By Wadham Pigott Williams

"It is now approximately six years in the past that the Committee of the Somersetshire Arch?ological Society requested me to bring together a thesaurus of the Dialect or archaic language of the County, and placed into my palms a worthy choice of phrases via the overdue Mr. Edward Norris, health practitioner, of South Petherton. i've got accomplished this activity to the easiest of my skill, with the type co-operation of our overdue very good Secretary, WM. ARTHUR JONES; and the result's ahead of the general public. We freely made use of Norris, Jennings, Halliwell, or the other collector of phrases that shall we locate, omitting mere peculiarities of pronunciation, and that i enterprise to wish it is going to turn out that we have got no longer neglected a lot that's left of that fascinating outdated language, which these nice innovators, the Printing Press, the Railroad, and the Schoolmaster, are quick using in a foreign country. "

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Shallow rapids in a stream. Steep adj. steep as a hill Stitch s. a shock of corn, ten sheaves Stive v. to keep close and warm Stiver s. a bristling of the hair Stocky adj. short, stumpy Stodge s. thick slimy mud adj. miry; ex. “Pendummer, where the Devil was stodged in the midst of zummer” Stodged adj. stuffed with eating Stool s. the stock of a tree cut for underwood Stoor, Storr v. to stir, move actively (Dutch stooren) Stomachy adj. proud, haughty Stout s. a gnat-fly Strablet s. a long, narrow strip Strame s.

The large knife with which butchers clear their meat; cleaver Rawny adj. a. to dress. Unray to undress Read, Reed v. to strip the fat from the intestines Readship, or Retchup, Rechip, Rightship s. a. to widen, to open, to stretch s. n. to bear stretching. Reamy adj. Reams, Rames s. pl. ; skeleton (Query Remains) Re-balling s. the catching of ells with earthworms (yeasses) attached to a ball of lead Reed s. wheat-straw prepared for thatching (w. of Parret) Reen, or Rhine s. n. to shrivel up, to contract into wrinkles Remlet s.

Part of the centre of the old spinning-wheel Wosberd, Whisbird, Whosbird s. a term of reproach. Wrede v. to spread abroad, as wheat is said to wrede when several stalks shoot out of the ground from a single grain. s. n. to stretch, to expand Wring s. press, ex. A cider-wring Writh-hurdles s. plated hurdles Wrizzled, Wrizzly adj. shrivelled up, wrinkled Y Yails s. the uprights in hurdles Yal, Yalhouse, Yarm, Yel, &c. s. ale, alehouse, arm, eel, &c. Yap v. to yelp like a cur Yappingale, Yaffler, Yuckle s.

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