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269 J), 4 Vatsyayana's verses traced in the Karnasiitra (No. 1423 J) lIS, 3 Visakhadatta's verses traced in the Mudraraksasa (No. 1508 J), numerous Visnusarrnan's verses traced in the Paiicatantra 11'6 (No. 1525 J), 1 Siidraka~s ,yerse traced in the Mrcchakatika (No. 1670 J), 1 Srfhar~a's I verse traced in the Nagananda (No. 1715 J), 1 Subhandhu's verse traced in the Vasavadatta (No. 1819 J) and others. 1. It was already said before that anthologies preserve the poetry of known and unknown authors which would have been lost for ever if it would not have been for the subhiisita-sarngraha-s l IS It may be added here that usually the verses included in anthologies are only seldom devoid of poetical merits; that does not mean, however, that all are of high standard.

G. Bhattagunda [No. 938], Srlnathabhattaraka [No 1701], Vijayadasa [No. 1460]) and others. g~lJa'~ verse (No. 1) was influenced by Subandhu's poetry (No. 1819), Gopaditya s verses (No. 1) seem to be influenced by another poet from Kasmir _ Jayavardhana (No. 506) and many verses included in BhPr. g. Harihara's I verse (No. 2). 83. As stated above anthologies contain in the first place subhiisita-s and moral sayings all of them, with only a few exections, are couched in poetical language and are first rate poetry.

1652) probably sobriquet of an unknown author; c; . Srivaisnava (No. ava sect of the South (also called Daksinatya); probably Identical With GopalabhaHa, one of the six Gosvamins; SamgnlmangaI)a (No. 1731) sobriquet of an unknown author taken from No. la; Sakalavidiya-cakravartin (No. 1735) epithet of poet Cakravartin in the form of a poets not quoted by their proper names but by their family relationship to other persons and sixty-one personages whose names are not mentioned at all, should be added.

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