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Asked Alex. "The Sun and the stars, they are the heavenly bodies," answered Father. "But the Sun and stars aren't a compass," said Alex with doubt. "They're not a compass, but they're just as good," Father smiled. " "Of course I do," answered Alex right away. " "That's right, at about 12 noon. If you face the Sun at that time, the south will be straight in front of you and the north behind you. " "But there are no shadows from the stars," said Sveta. " "There's a star in the sky which replaces the compass.

Perseus hit the monster three more times and it drowned in the sea. "Perseus freed Andromeda and brought her to the palace. The King was so glad he allowed Andromeda to marry Perseus. The party lasted for many days in Ethiopia. " asked Sveta. "Cassiopeia is the easiest to find in the sky. " Their Father drew the Big Dipper, the North Star and the other stars of the Little Dipper. Not far from the North Star he drew five stars that looked like a W. "That's Cassiopeia," said Father. "It doesn't look like a queen at all," Sveta was disappointed.

There are many different things on this planet," said Sveta. " "And there's no air," added Alex. "Attention please! " On the Planet of Storms The magic spaceship continued its flight to Venus. All of a sudden, a siren sounded and signal lights flashed. " the children asked in fright. "Don't worry," said Father. " the flight controller ordered. " An unfamiliar dark planet appeared in the viewports. " Sveta blurted out. "It's Venus all right," the commander said firmly. " 110 ’'Ηλιος Ρ. " cried Alex.

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