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Schisandra constrains the qi, while Peony nourishes the blood. Thus they < previous page page_19 If you like this book, buy it! next page > page_20 < previous page next page > Page 20 prevent consumption and damage of the lung qi and drying and damage of the fluids and humors by the acrid, warm, scattering, and effusing main medicinals. Pinellia dispels phlegm, harmonizes the stomach, and scatters nodulation. It is also an assistant medicinal. Mix-fried Licorice boosts the qi and harmonizes the stomach.

However, if such bulk-dispensed medicinals were unavailable, for instance when traveling, these pills might be a good stop-gap measure. They can also be combined with other formulas when there is a combination of vigorous replete heat in the stomach and spleen and/or fluid vacuities. This formula differs from the standard prescription of the same name in that Dioscorea has been substituted for Semen Oryzae Sativae (Geng Mi). This latter ingredient does not lend itself for inclusion in pill formulas.

Therefore, it is an essential medicinal for treating liver depression with blood vacuity. Atractylodes and Poria fortify the spleen and remove dampness, thus promoting transportation and transformation and, ultimately, the origin of qi and blood. Licorice boosts the qi and supplements the center as well as relaxes the livers tension. It is the assistant medicinal in this formula. The two messengers in this formula are Ginger and Mint. Ginger warms and harmonizes the center. Mint, when used in small amounts, assists Bupleurum's scattering of liver depression.

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